Powerful and Compelling Reasons to Invest in Yourself

I had the great pleasure of attending my local Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) meeting where Larry Harrington, the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) of Raytheon, and the former Chairman of the Board for IIA spoke.  Larry’s theme for his year as IIA Chairman was “Invest in Yourself” and I was struck by how simple, and yet how […]

The Forces Awaken in the Auto Industry

One of the fundamental concepts in risk management is understanding how forces lead to events that change the business conditions.  This is a fundamental step to understanding and identifying anticipated events, and changes in condition, that represent opportunities, threats or requirements to an organization. I have watched the auto industry closely for the last year and […]

Implementing GRC the Easy Way

You have probably seen the cartoon with two cavemen pulling a wagon with square wheels. A third caveman walks up to them with a round wheel and one of the cavemen pulling the wagon, turns to the third and says “No thanks, we’re too busy.” How often are we so busy with the task at […]