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You have probably seen the cartoon with two cavemen pulling a wagon with square wheels. A third caveman walks up to them with a round wheel and one of the cavemen pulling the wagon, turns to the third and says “No thanks, we’re too busy.”

How often are we so busy with the task at hand that we fail to see a much easier way right in front of us.

Often those charged with implementing and managing a GRC capability feel overwhelmed. They jump right into the process they were asked to create and feel like hamsters running on a wheel. Implementing a GRC capability can be difficult when you are trying to re-create the wheel.

Instead of pulling the wagon with square wheels, or creating a new wheel, wouldn’t it be nice to find something already available?

The OCEG GRC Capability Model is the wheel many GRC professionals are looking for to help them reduce the spinning hamster wheel syndrome.

I found out about OCEG when I was the Chief Audit Executive (CAE), Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer (CECO) and Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at one of my previous companies.  The information I gained from OCEG allowed me to develop and implement an effective ethics and compliance program, which eventually expanded into a more integrated approach to governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).  It allowed us to utilize an established framework and approach to GRC that was developed by the organization no rx pharmacy that invented GRC.  It provided me with the resources, information, and messaging necessary to help me successfully implement a GRC capability.

Since implementing the model at a previous company, I have moved on to help revise the OCEG GRC Capability Model to version 3.0, and have created a training for OCEG on how to implement a GRC capability, that also prepares people for the GRC Professional certification. I want to help people see the “easy way” one can implement a GRC capability.

If you are tired on pulling a wagon with square wheels, and want to get off the hamster wheel, I would encourage you to download your free copy of the OCEG GRC Capability Model at:



If you would like to learn the easier way to implement an integrated GRC capability at your organization, consider attending an OCEG training sessions.

If you would like to see all of the public in-person GRC Professional course being taught around the world by OCEG Training Partners, please visit:

You can find a listing of upcoming public in-person GRC Professional courses in US at: or fill out an in-house training request form so we can bring this valuable training to your organization at:

If you prefer and on-demand training session, consider the course at cRisk Academy: Training to Obtain Your GRC Professional (GRCP) Certification