Certifications Don't Need to Take YEARS!

Certifications are a necessary part of developing your professional career. Without them, you risk being held back in your career earning potential, and promotion possibilities.

Then why do traditional certifications use barriers and tricks like educational requirements, years of experience, and exams where 50-60% of people fail each time? Because those traditional organizations continue to believe in a discriminatory, archaic, and broken model of certifying people.

Today's job market is much different than it was 100 or 50 years ago, and you deserve a better path to relevant, modern certifications.

Certifications are even more important to your career now ... and the certification process needs to change with the times.

While many use traditional certifications as a way to limit the number of people who are certified, we believe the more people with modern certifications provides more value to the profession, you, and to your organizations.

Wouldn't you rather earn a modern certification in 1 to 2 weeks, instead of 1 to 2+ years with traditional certifications?

Wouldn't you rather avoid failing exams over and over, or wasting hundreds of hours studying away from your family and friends?

The cRisk Academy modern certification difference:

  • Developed by world-class subject matter experts.
  • No educational requirements.
  • No work experience requirements.
  • Get certified in 1-2 weeks, NOT 1-2 years+.
  • No need for extra exam materials, application, testing or re-testing fees. Everything you need is included in the course .
  • Practical, modern topics that makes your job EASIER and provides more value to your organization NOW.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Accredited certifications, so you know you are getting a quality certification that is internationally recognized.

If this makes sense to you, and you are ready for a better certification path, keep on reading ...

cRisk Academy Certifications

All of our certifications are developed by world-class subject matter experts, and accredited, so you can be assured you receive high-quality instruction and your certifications are valid and recognized around the world.

Which of these certifications will help you the most in your career?

In this certification course, you will learn how to apply the 4 Agile Audit Values and 12 Agile Audit Principles to transform your department into a high-performing team capable of auditing at the speed of risk. Toby DeRoche will guide you through the concepts of a blended solution merging internal auditing with agile delivery in a practical approach that you can use immediately.

  • Introduction to Agile Audit
  • Agile Audit Risk Assessment
  • Agile Plan and Schedule
  • Agile Execution
  • Agile Reporting
  • Transition Planning
  • Agile Audit Maturity

Learn the concepts and process behind using a practical, objective-centric, risk-based internal audit approach that you can start applying today. You receive the step-by-step process for how to implement a risk-based internal audit approach at your organization using the Risk-Based Internal Audit Modelâ„¢ ... and earn the trust and support of management and your board of directors. What most internal auditors are missing is a deeper understanding of risk management, and a model to apply. You get both in this certification course.

  • Risk Management for Internal Auditors
  • Risk-Based Internal Audit Modelâ„¢
  • Combined Assurance and Coordinating with Others
  • Proving Internal Audit Value to Management
  • Creating a Continuous Audit Plan Linked to Key Organizational Objectives

It is a simple concept, that starts with one idea: Internal Audit should complement their traditional, required activities with an active role in the organization culture itself. It is all about being a proactive audit function, not a reactive one.

  • Standards of Conduct for Excellence
  • Client Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Audit through Lean Techniques
  • Risk and the Balance of Audit and Consulting
  • Leadership

The history, future, and our philosophy on certifications?

Certifications prove individuals have basic knowledge, skills and competencies in particular topical areas proven by passing an exam.

The problem is many use traditional certifications as a way to limit the number of people with the certification. They assume the tougher it is to become certified, the more valuable the certification is to those who already have it. That is just not true.

Traditional certifications use techniques such as formal educational requirements (degrees, etc...), years of experience, and curved exams (only ~40% of people can pass each time) to limit the number of certified professionals. Traditional certifications take years to complete, and tens of thousands of dollars in preparation materials, applications, testing fees and study time ... and that doesn't even cover the anxiety and shame you feel by failing the tricky exams multiple times.

Traditional certifications are developed through committees, over a period of many years. They cannot keep pace with our ever increasingly changing, modern world. Saddest still, much of the content taught through the traditional certification process is now antiquated, wrong and doesn't help you do your job better.

You deserve better.

People who understand the material, have passed the exam, and maintain continuing professional education (CPE) credits should be able to get certified, right?

Certifications should teach lasting principles, not techniques and detailed practices that become obsolete shortly after development, right?

The more people that become certified, the more we help the profession and add more value to our organizations, right?

Boards and management are expecting internal audit functions to be more strategic, agile, and proactive. Traditional certifications don't help you do that.

Have you fully considered what it will cost you if you don't become more strategic, agile, and proactive?

Great news.

The knowledge, skills, and competencies you need to face the new challenges now and in the future, are available in cRisk Academy certifications ... you can get in 1-2 weeks.

cRisk Academy Certifications

How to Receive a cRisk Academy Professional Designation / Certification?

It's very simple. Register and go through the course. Study for the exam. Score 70% or better on the exam.

That's it. No education or experience requirements. No trickery on the exam. No application or testing or re-testing fees ... saving you thousands of dollars of unnecessary cost.

Everything you need to pass the exam is included in the course.

Once you pass, fill out the online application (link included at the end of each course) and approximately one month later, you will receive your professional designation certification.

How to Maintain Your cRisk Academy Professional Designation / Certification?

Complete at least 40 hours of continuing professional education (CPE) each year.

No annual renewal fee. No need to formally submit your CPE each year. We believe you are a professional and will complete your CPE each year.

We randomly select certificate holders each year as part of our CPE certification audits, so you may be asked to submit evidence of your CPE if selected for audit.


Other Certification Preparation Courses

cRisk Academy has you covered. We offer certification preparation training for several certifications offered by other organizations.

We believe you should have access to training when and where you want it, at an affordable investment. We realize many of you are paying for your own training, without the support of your organization.

That's why we created cRisk Academy. We take a different approach to training and certifications.

With all of our certification preparation courses you get:

  • High-quality instruction from top experts
  • Resources on how to pass the exam the first time, saving you time and money
  • Watch the video courses as many times as you like with no expiration date
  • CPE training certificate for each course
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Here is a list of certification preparation course we offer to help you get certified.